Introduction to Eye Opener

We are a group of three students undertaking a veterinary course at University of Adelaide and this is our project. Eye opener is a website about basic ophthalmology for aspiring veterinary students and is aimed to aid veterinary students in their basic ophthalmology studies.

Eye opener is categorised into three main parts namely, ANATOMYPHYSIOLOGY and PATHOLOGY. Navigation regarding the different topics under each section can be found on the right hand side. 

There are activities where students can test themselves from what they have learnt from this site. These activities include small tests for anatomy and quizzes for anatomy and physiology. Shortcut links for these activities are found under the navigation bar on the right hand side. 

Information provided in this website are taken from various textbooks and journal articles. References are provided under each page should students feel a need to use the books or articles for their personal learning.

We hope you find this website useful in your quest for basic ocular knowledge!

Soo Hi Lee
Magdelene Wong
Sharon Yap